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Sushi Go Party Review

Sushi Go Party Review

9/10 – Sushi Go Party Review


You probably already know the first and standard Sushi Go. Players sit around a table and each of you is dealt a hand of cards depicting sushi rolls, tempura, wasabi and so on. Importantly, all of these snacks score points in different ways. Maki rolls give 4 points to the player who gets the most. One tempura card is useless, but a pair of tempura cards is worth 5 points. Each little nigiri card scores between 1 and 3 points, but this can be tripled by wasabi card.

In the new version Sushi Go Party, you will have more cards with so many different choice. At beginning of each game, you have to choose 12 cards among 24+ options. This give you an unlimited amount of game version.

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