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Factors to consider in selecting a chip warmer

Are you looking to fry the same chips as Mc Donalds & Burger King?

One of the standard habits is that no person enjoys having cold chips. Anyone running a food business must therefore ensure that chips are always served warm. To perform this task is the chip warmer. A chip warmer offers the perfect solution for any restaurant, cafe and a fast food joint that serves chips. Chip warmer helps keep the chips crunchy, warm and delicious for a considerably longer time. Moreover, a chip warmer also serves as a display unit for chips.

When selecting the ideal chip warmer, a few factors ought to be considered. The first factor to consider must be the intense use. In this regard, where the intended use is display, a countertop version with glass doors is the ideal.

chip warmerVolume & sales factor

Another important factor when choosing a chip warmer must be the intended volume output . hat is whether for small, medium or high volume use. Notably, the large models of chip warmers can hold several gallons of chips.
The third important consideration is with regard to the equipment heating elements. The ideal chip warmer should have the forced air system. Fans help achieve an even heating by distributing heat thorough the equipment. The use of fans helps eliminate the presence of cold and warm spots that undoubtedly causes an uneven heating.

Construction & strength

Due regard must also be had to the material used in the equipment’s construction. The perfect material construction must be stainless due to ease of cleaning. French fries are an oily food. It is thus ideal to have a material that is not oily- sticky. Also, stainless steel is able to withstand the high temperatures and at the same time preserve the right heat temperatures. The retention of the heat temperatures must however be complemented by an insulation material. A fibre glass insulation is an added advantage on heat retention. Normally most of your catering equipment should be made in stainless steel.

Another aspect is the equipment’s method of operation. First, there is the top load and front out design. The top load front out design is the use of the top for loading while the front is used to collect the ready chips. This model helps achieve a speedier customer service. This model also helps keep the fries fresh because the first fries to be loaded will be removed first.

Another model of chip warmers is one that uses top and bottom doors. This model too helps achieve the first in first out approach. The use of internal baffles in the equipment construction is an equally am important factor. Internal batters helps reduce chips breakages and further reduce jamming.

Chip warmer range

Petra Equipment offers a wide variety of chip warmers. Notably, our chip warmers are from the best brands in commercial chip warmers. The models include chip warmer 1KW, 230v CDA1003. One of the units best features is the use of top load and bottom out design. Further the chip warmer model uses incolloy element. This feature makes it remarkably easy to clean the equipment as the element is impervious to greese and fat.

Another chip warmer model is the Waldorf bold chip warmer CSLB8450E.our equipment come with a favorable warranty which goes into ensuring our customer of the quality of our equipment. The chip warmers may be purchased or hired by visiting our warehouses or online by visiting our website. If you are looking for a wider range of cooking equipment such as bain marie / commercial ovens / commercial fridges or for a shop fitters in Sydney, then contact directly Petra Group.