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Fish tank with aquarium accessories

Fish tank with aquarium accessories

Aquarium accessories

One might think that using of aquarium accessories is a mere decoration choice. However, there are many benefits which you are not aware. The usage of these accessories completely changes the beauty of the fish tank and as well as serves as creating a good living environment for he fishes residing inside.

The Rock and the Wood

Rocks & wood are very useful in siting specific water factors that your fish wants. For example, many type of rocks like Limestone & Holey Rock will increase the pH of the tank & serves as fence in some periods. Whereas, the driftwood decreases the pH and try to soften the water. Some of fishes feed by themselves with algae from the rocks & wood in their natural living conditions, some fishes even eat the wood as well. Placing the rocks or woods in your aquarium will give your fishes additional visceral activities and makes them to be natural & healthy food habits.

Many aqua lovers tend to keep their fishes in a good environment which seems to give them a feel like their own habitat. It is still good to see the fishes inside your aquarium which just looks like their habitual environment. These accessories provide good environment to some bacteria to nitrify & build definitive colonies. These bacteria are good in nature that helps to get rid of harmful materials like nitrites & ammonia from the aquarium.

Some of the fishes, mainly the non-aggressive type of fishes always try to hide from the strong kind of fishes as they are scared of being bullied, hence rocks & woods is a great idea to place them inside. The Rocks & woods will make the fish feel safe if they are kept with these aquarium accessories, as they give a feel to them like they are living in natural caves under the sea. Furthermore, these decors also are useful as a breeding area or to lay eggs aquatic animals.

Artificial Planaria

The aquatic tank lasts long with very less maintenance with the use of these accessories. All the water conditions and mostly the cleaning thing will be easy. The bacteria which grow on the rocks and the woods will clean the defecated ammonia waste from the fishes. You can even place the artificial corals as they don’t die and the fishes doesn’t eat them as well. These artificial aquarium plants does not need any maintenance as they never grow old aor get infected by anything.


The water-scaping is pretty easy these days and the kids even at the age 8 and above can easily plan good scape architecture for your aquarium. There is one more advantage of using the artificial plants which many people do not have any idea about. The real plants die if the water condition is changed even a little, since these plants are made of fibre, they stay fit and good even in the salt water. Find out more about other aquarium articles on Industry News.

Decorating your fish tank serves more than the beauty. It increases the life of the fishes and they don’t feel like they were imprisoned. You just need to use minimum required accessories along with the oxygen supplying motor!