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How hairstyle evolved since 1990

How hairstyle evolved since 1990

Hairstyles come and go, but there are those that become iconic. These hairstyles are the ones that influence normal people, with every kind of hair, to get down to the hairdressers and request a recreation. As a nation, we now look to celebrities for our styling needs. Have you ever asked your hairdresser for the Pixie or the Pob?

The 1990s saw the emergence of a hair phenomenon. ‘The Rachel’ was first revealed by actress Jennifer Aniston on the hit TV show ‘Friends.’ It became an instant hit with its bouncy, square-layered look, and was the first hairstyle to create the fuss ‘The Farrah’ had in the 70s. Created by Los Angeles hairdresser Chris McMillan, Aniston later revealed her true feelings towards it, describing the style as the ‘ugliest’ of her career.


The pixie crop may have been invented by famous model Twiggy in the 1990s, but it has certainly popped in and out of style ever since. 2011 has seen a resurgence of this cute look with actresses like Michelle Williams and Harry Potter star Emma Watson rocking this much-lauded hairstyle. One of the more versatile styles around, it has also been sported by the likes of Judy Dench and Helen Mirren proving that even the mature lady can carry this one off.

David Beckham may be a footballer

David Beckham may be a footballer, but he is as famous for his hairstyles as he is his ball skills. His wife has also had her hand in creating one of the most iconic looks of the last twenty years. The Pob first came into being when the Spice Girls came on the scene. But this hairstyle did not die out when they faded into obscurity. 2010 saw the lady herself wearing it again. Most of the hairdresser offers this hair cut.

Actresses Sienna Miller

Actresses Sienna Miller and American celebrities Kim Kardashian and Mary-Kate Olsen are the disciples of the bohemian look which oozes creativity and uniqueness. Naturalness is the main emphasis with this hairstyle. All these hairstyles have one thing in common. They surpass the mullet every time!

Rainbow Hair

It sounds somewhat insane, however, we don’t mean each shade of the rainbow! Having a fly of pink in blonde hair, purple in dim dark colored hair or even greenish blue through profound blonde hair to breath life into dull hair. Grasping brilliant hues is made straightforward and simple with a scope of items promptly accessible. Request a brilliant toner after your shading administration or notwithstanding putting resources into a bring home shading treatment ( we suggested Evo fabulous expert) to have the capacity to give yourself pastel pink hair at whatever point in the temperament. Jade who is a colourist at Tsiknaris Hair discloses the advantages to rainbow hair “the in addition to these splendid hues is they grow dim the hair quick so you can always be showing signs of change your shading.”


Extensions have evolved massively in the course of the last 25 years. Gone are the tight small scale bonds that appear to everlastingly be dropping out and look monstrous in the hair, the hairdressing scene has now been assumed control by tape extensions. Hair extensions with Eye lash growth is the perfect combination to go out for party. They are consistent, set aside less opportunity to put in the hair and simple to keep up. If you are searching for a more transitory extensions cut-ins give you moment long bolts and set aside no opportunity to put in. We very suggest Show Pony Extensions; they come in both tape and clasp.