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What is Qurban in Islam?

Qurban simply means sacrifice. Each year during Islamic month of theDhul Hijja, an animal is slaughtered by Muslims all over around the world to reflect Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ismail for God’s sake. The animal can be a camel, goat, cow or sheep. Ismail was spared death since Ibrahim proved that he was ready to sacrifice his son as some act of piety, and this notwithstanding the loss it would have brought him. This continued practice of Qurban, to Muslims, acts as some kind of reminder of his obedience to his God.

At least a third of this meat must go to vulnerable people or the poor. Muslims, traditionally, would keep a third of meat for their family members and offer the final one third to their neighbors.

Providing meat to the destitute and the poor as required when performing Qurbani spreads happiness so they also may enjoy this occasion since this is a time of festivities and celebration for all Muslims.

The meat should be delivered canned, frozen or fresh, depending on factors like availability, access and cost, though in majority of countries it’s normally delivered fresh. The meat is bought from a local supplier so as to benefit local economy. Every meat packet contains, on average, three kilograms of meat that is going to provide a family of three or four with meals for a week.

Those to get the Qurbani meat include orphaned children, widowed women, elderly or disabled people, refugees and the poor. This Qurbani meat lets some families consume meat after a whole year.

When vulnerable families receive this Qurban meat, it helps foster some sense of real hope for them, and lets them celebrate this significant occasion with other millions of Muslims all over the world.

Who Should Give Qurbani?

People who have Nisab (or minimum amount of wealth that requires them to pay Zakat) are the ones who should offer Qurbani. It’s not obligatory (fard). However, it’s recommended highly ((wajib)*), according to the Hanafi school of thought. But to the Hanbali, Jafari, and Shafi’i schools of thought, Qurbani is a Sunnah act.

What Are the Qurbani Requirements?

The animals to be slaughtered, as mentioned before, must be a sheep, goat, camel, or cattle (water buffalo, ox, cow). Sheep and goats have to be at least a year old. For cows, the age must be at least two years old. And for camels it must be at least 6 years old. Sheep and goats count as 7 shares per animal.

The animals must be free from any kind of handicap, like undernourished, limp, sick, and blind. Also it must be free from any form of defect like broken teeth, broken horn, cut-off-tail or ear. However, sheep and goats may be used if only some few teeth are broken, and majority of the teeth still remain intact. Furthermore, if its horn is broken midway, and not from its root, it’s permissible to use such kind of animal. Injuries that are sustained during Qurbani don’t invalidate the sacrifice.

The animals must also be slaughtered in a suitable humane way, and it must be carried out by a muslim who adheres to Islamic way of slaughtering animal.


How hairstyle evolved since 1990

Hairstyles come and go, but there are those that become iconic. These hairstyles are the ones that influence normal people, with every kind of hair, to get down to the hairdressers and request a recreation. As a nation, we now look to celebrities for our styling needs. Have you ever asked your hairdresser for the Pixie or the Pob?

The 1990s saw the emergence of a hair phenomenon. ‘The Rachel’ was first revealed by actress Jennifer Aniston on the hit TV show ‘Friends.’ It became an instant hit with its bouncy, square-layered look, and was the first hairstyle to create the fuss ‘The Farrah’ had in the 70s. Created by Los Angeles hairdresser Chris McMillan, Aniston later revealed her true feelings towards it, describing the style as the ‘ugliest’ of her career.


The pixie crop may have been invented by famous model Twiggy in the 1990s, but it has certainly popped in and out of style ever since. 2011 has seen a resurgence of this cute look with actresses like Michelle Williams and Harry Potter star Emma Watson rocking this much-lauded hairstyle. One of the more versatile styles around, it has also been sported by the likes of Judy Dench and Helen Mirren proving that even the mature lady can carry this one off.

David Beckham may be a footballer

David Beckham may be a footballer, but he is as famous for his hairstyles as he is his ball skills. His wife has also had her hand in creating one of the most iconic looks of the last twenty years. The Pob first came into being when the Spice Girls came on the scene. But this hairstyle did not die out when they faded into obscurity. 2010 saw the lady herself wearing it again. Most of the hairdresser offers this hair cut.

Actresses Sienna Miller

Actresses Sienna Miller and American celebrities Kim Kardashian and Mary-Kate Olsen are the disciples of the bohemian look which oozes creativity and uniqueness. Naturalness is the main emphasis with this hairstyle. All these hairstyles have one thing in common. They surpass the mullet every time!

Rainbow Hair

It sounds somewhat insane, however, we don’t mean each shade of the rainbow! Having a fly of pink in blonde hair, purple in dim dark colored hair or even greenish blue through profound blonde hair to breath life into dull hair. Grasping brilliant hues is made straightforward and simple with a scope of items promptly accessible. Request a brilliant toner after your shading administration or notwithstanding putting resources into a bring home shading treatment ( we suggested Evo fabulous expert) to have the capacity to give yourself pastel pink hair at whatever point in the temperament. Jade who is a colourist at Tsiknaris Hair discloses the advantages to rainbow hair “the in addition to these splendid hues is they grow dim the hair quick so you can always be showing signs of change your shading.”


Extensions have evolved massively in the course of the last 25 years. Gone are the tight small scale bonds that appear to everlastingly be dropping out and look monstrous in the hair, the hairdressing scene has now been assumed control by tape extensions. Hair extensions with Eye lash growth is the perfect combination to go out for party. They are consistent, set aside less opportunity to put in the hair and simple to keep up. If you are searching for a more transitory extensions cut-ins give you moment long bolts and set aside no opportunity to put in. We very suggest Show Pony Extensions; they come in both tape and clasp.

financial freedom

Financial Freedom


Absolute financial freedom is what every single human being wishes for. However, most fail at their attempts to be free of their financial burdens. This is because to truly and be financially free to do what you want requires sacrifice. Sure, you may see some people who get rich in a few months or even days. However, these get rich quick schemes are only good short-term.

You need hard work and sacrifice to enjoy financial freedom until after death. You need to learn and revamp your thinking and lifestyle. Achieving absolute financial freedom can be summarized into five steps. These are as follows:

Be Educated

An ignorant man cannot make a wise decision. If you want to make more money, learn how it works. Perhaps you think that you earn too little ever to gain financial freedom.

Perhaps you are one of the hundreds of individuals convinced that being in debt is natural. Maybe you believe that money is evil and shun expanding your wealth. These are the common misconceptions rampant in today’s society. No matter how small your income, you can always find a way to break out of debt.

Money is not evil. It is merely a tool. The way you obtain and use this tool all depends on you. Find out how great men and millionaires got their first million. Read more about financial literacy and the rules governing it. Increase your appetite for financial literacy.

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach concept presented on blackboard with color notes and white chalk

Set Your Goals

Do you want a new house? Perhaps you want to live comfortably in your retirement. Maybe you just wish to get out of the debt you are in. Whatever your goal is to make sure you know why you want it.

The reason for setting your goal is more important than how it is achieved. If the reason for your goal is flimsy, challenges arise when you are filled with doubt and discouraged. You might feel that achieving your goal not worth it. If you have a more substantial reason for setting a goal, you will persevere. As the adage goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Clear Debts

Have you been swamped with debt lately? Are you restless at night thinking about your credit card bills? To be financially free, get rid of the excess baggage. Slowly pay up all your old credit. Do not accumulate any new debt. If you are tempted by the 0% interest ads in the shopping malls, leave your credit card at home.

Better yet, cut it into pieces and throw it out. Meet up with your creditors and arrange a settlement. Be honest and sincere in your promises. If you promise to pay a certain amount on a certain date, follow through. Who knows, your creditors will see your earnestness and forgive a part of your debt.

Protect Yourself

So you have achieved the seemingly impossible? You are now debt free or at least experiencing a regular decrease in debt. Good for you. Now the next step is to protect yourself. Invest in a good healthcare plan if you have not yet already. If you don’t have life insurance, get one now. You need to attend to this especially if you are the sole breadwinner.

Increase Cash Flow

This step is essential in achieving freedom from your finances. Increase the flow of cash into your life. Invest in the stock market. Remember to invest in the stock market and not to trade. Trading is reserved for those more knowledgeable in this. If you are just starting out, consider investing in mutual funds. Passive income is a preferred mode of increasing cash flow.

Make use of all you have learned about finances. Act. Nothing will come out of your financial literacy if you simply read it but do not employ it. With these steps, absolute financial freedom is within your grasp. Be patient and consistent. Never give up on your goals. Learn to think and dream big. Soon all your hard work will be paid off. Soon your dreams of absolute financial freedom will be realized.


Benefits of Hiring a SEO Specialist

With the advent of new online services and techniques, businesses have come back with a bang. Both old and new entrepreneurs are looking for new techniques that would give them identity with grace. If you want to get marketed in the virtual world, the rules tend to change and your issues will be solved with the help of best Seo specialist. There are thousands of websites streaming in, in the market and almost everyone is in need of a Seo consultant. Since most of the businesses are being executed online, dealing with local, national and international clients. Thus, with internet marketing, catering to the prospective clients have become easier, provided you have professional Seo assistance. Search engine optimizations have been helpful in brand building and online sales. Though, now it has have become a very common name, but the advantages associated with it are still unknown. It is a proved fact, once the business gets involved in the search engine optimization, the return on investment gets higher, if the strategy involved is implemented meticulously. Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial to every website. It is the key tool to your website’s success. It is the best way to drive traffic into your website from various sources. Without search engine optimization, your website is as good as a waste of time and money. And the best part of it: it is cheap and inexpensive compared to traditional ad campaigns.

There are plenty of reasons why you should optimize your website. Generally, SEO assists you and your website to gain more traffic as well as loyal visitors to your website. Without optimizing your website, there’s very little chance that your site will be visited by your target audience. In fact, it may not have any traffic at all. Here’s a short list of benefits you can get out of SEO:

Increased Visibility – Optimizing your website can increase your site’s visibility online. In SEO, you are tasked to select related keywords that fully describe your websites content. These keywords are not just ordinary words or phrases. These are words that are searched by your prospective clients who are interested in your product / services. In traditional advertising, businesses blatantly advertise their products and services to people who may or may not be interested in their products. In SEO, customers are the one who will look for you.

Increased Conversions – When we invest in advertising and marketing, we expect a high conversion rate. This is not frequently met in traditional marketing. Since you are not directly advertising to your target audience, your campaign’s success depends on the draw of luck. In SEO, you advertise to your targeted customers. You are assured that they are interested in your product or services.

High ROI – And with increased conversions come high return on investment. This is the pot of gold for every marketer. SEO guarantees a high ROI if done correctly and according to Google’s standards. To ensure success, hire a SEO firm to work on your site right away. Often SEO is linked to CRO, graphic design & layout.

Cost Effective – Compared to pay per click ads, SEO is definitely much more cost effective. For a campaign that lasts for a long time, it is truly the cheapest way to get exposure online. Most SEO tools are for free so you don’t really have to put out a large capital. But if this is your first time, it is recommended to hire a SEO specialist to cut out the work for you.

chip warmer

Factors to consider in selecting a chip warmer

Are you looking to fry the same chips as Mc Donalds & Burger King?

One of the standard habits is that no person enjoys having cold chips. Anyone running a food business must therefore ensure that chips are always served warm. To perform this task is the chip warmer. A chip warmer offers the perfect solution for any restaurant, cafe and a fast food joint that serves chips. Chip warmer helps keep the chips crunchy, warm and delicious for a considerably longer time. Moreover, a chip warmer also serves as a display unit for chips.

When selecting the ideal chip warmer, a few factors ought to be considered. The first factor to consider must be the intense use. In this regard, where the intended use is display, a countertop version with glass doors is the ideal.

chip warmerVolume & sales factor

Another important factor when choosing a chip warmer must be the intended volume output . hat is whether for small, medium or high volume use. Notably, the large models of chip warmers can hold several gallons of chips.
The third important consideration is with regard to the equipment heating elements. The ideal chip warmer should have the forced air system. Fans help achieve an even heating by distributing heat thorough the equipment. The use of fans helps eliminate the presence of cold and warm spots that undoubtedly causes an uneven heating.

Construction & strength

Due regard must also be had to the material used in the equipment’s construction. The perfect material construction must be stainless due to ease of cleaning. French fries are an oily food. It is thus ideal to have a material that is not oily- sticky. Also, stainless steel is able to withstand the high temperatures and at the same time preserve the right heat temperatures. The retention of the heat temperatures must however be complemented by an insulation material. A fibre glass insulation is an added advantage on heat retention. Normally most of your catering equipment should be made in stainless steel.

Another aspect is the equipment’s method of operation. First, there is the top load and front out design. The top load front out design is the use of the top for loading while the front is used to collect the ready chips. This model helps achieve a speedier customer service. This model also helps keep the fries fresh because the first fries to be loaded will be removed first.

Another model of chip warmers is one that uses top and bottom doors. This model too helps achieve the first in first out approach. The use of internal baffles in the equipment construction is an equally am important factor. Internal batters helps reduce chips breakages and further reduce jamming.

Chip warmer range

Petra Equipment offers a wide variety of chip warmers. Notably, our chip warmers are from the best brands in commercial chip warmers. The models include chip warmer 1KW, 230v CDA1003. One of the units best features is the use of top load and bottom out design. Further the chip warmer model uses incolloy element. This feature makes it remarkably easy to clean the equipment as the element is impervious to greese and fat.

Another chip warmer model is the Waldorf bold chip warmer CSLB8450E.our equipment come with a favorable warranty which goes into ensuring our customer of the quality of our equipment. The chip warmers may be purchased or hired by visiting our warehouses or online by visiting our website. If you are looking for a wider range of cooking equipment such as bain marie / commercial ovens / commercial fridges or for a shop fitters in Sydney, then contact directly Petra Group.


Plumbers near you in Liverpool NSW

Excellent Plumbing Service in Liverpool

Plumbing service are an essential service in the proper running of any home or business. With a blocked drain for instance, there is bound to be slow flow of work which could mean the loss of money. Also, a blocked sewer or sink will cause a bad odor that can make living in the house uncomfortable. As a golden rule, it is prudent to always maintain the contacts of a professional plumber. This is because the faster a plumbing fault is repaired the less the damage which may be occasioned.

Our local Liverpool plumbers must be the best choice in this regard. First we offer a wide range of plumbing services. The services are general plumbing, hot water repairs and blocked drains. With regard to general plumbing, on the other hand, our team is well experienced In all kinds of blocked drains.  Whether it is clogged toilets, blocked drains, a blocked sewer, a blocked sink or pipe, Aplumber Sydney offers the best solution. Blocked toilets can mean unhygienic environment for anyone to live in. This is the primary reason Aplumber Sydney provides all the plumbing services that touch on blocked toilets. These services include, general toilet repairs, repairing leaking toilets and doing toilet upgrades.

plumber liverpool

Secondly, we are made up of highly professional to team. Notably, we serve both residential and commercial units. Also, as a professional team we are sure to offer long lasting solution with regard to repairs or the replacement of any parts. Undeniably, we offer expert advice to our customers on the ways to reduce blocked drains or on the installation of pipes.

Thirdly, a plumber Sydney prides of many years of experience in the plumbing industry. Not only are our staff well versed with Sydney but also in the provision of the plumbing services.

Free quality camera inspection

Aplumber Sydney further uses high technology in the provision of plumbing services. This goes to ensure that the team is able to detect the precise fault and make repairs accordingly. Precisely, the company has invested in high quality cameras for drainage inspection.  Another reason to choose our plumbers is that our team is properly licenced. Having licenced plumbers in our team is an assurance of the competency of our staff. More so, as licence holders, the holders shall be liable for any loss or damage occasioned by their negligence. The customer shall thus have a right of compensation in in cases of negligence.

Easy payments

More so, we offer upfront pricing thus eliminating the chances of hidden costs. Notably, our fees are very auspicious. Customers may pay for the service using different payment methods. They include VISA, American Express, Maestro and MasterCard.
Most of all, our customers will love our very friendly customer service. Right from the point of making a contact with us to visiting your home or business.

Finally, as a well-organized company we have enough of staff. As a well-staffed company our customers are assured of prompt service with every call. To this extent, our services are available on a 24/ 7 basis. We have ensured to offer various contact means to our customer care desk which includes a toll-free telephone line and an email address. With a 24/7 customer support, we are able to offer emergency plumber services. Unlike, some of the plumbing services companies, Aplumber offers emergency plumbing services at a very affordable price.


Paw Patrol Merchandise


Paw Patrol is one of the most successful TV series since 2015. Similar to the franchise of Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol target both girl and boy but the majority of the viewers are boys. Paw Patrol develop their marketing channels faster and invested massively on Paw Patrol merchandise across the world including toys, plush, electronic games and videos expansions.

Cool Backstory

Hi, guys! This is a backstory for the members of the paw patrol! Hope you like it!


~Ryder and Chase~

A small, energetic boy walked along with his parents towards the pet store. Ryder, his mom Rachel, and his dad Noah. Ryder’s 7th birthday was a few days ago and his parents promised him a dog.

When Ryder got to the store, he ran over to an area filled with cages with a dog in each. In a few large tank-like areas beside that area were a bunch of puppies. When he saw the puppies, he pressed his face up against the glass and watched them.

“Well, Ryder, have you made a choice?” A gentle female voice said.

“Not yet, Mom.” he said.

He watched a couple of labs pounce on each other in one tank. In another, he saw some golden retrievers fighting over a ball. All the tanks had two or three puppies, except for one. One had a single german shepherd puppy sitting all alone. This puppy had caught Ryder’s eye. It was a small, scruffy, puppy. Anyone who stopped to look at the pup just passed by, as the pup wouldn’t do anything.

Ryder walked over to the puppy and tried to get its attention.

“Hi, puppy!” He said.

The puppy glanced at him but didn’t do anything.

“You look sad. I wish you would be happy.”

The puppy looked at Ryder with a little more interest. Most people just passed by and ignored him. But this particular boy didn’t.

“Do you want to play?” The boy asked, smiling.

The puppy stood up and walked a little closer to Ryder.

“You already look happier!”

The puppy started to wag his tail, clearly becoming excited.

Ryder giggled and walked away.

The puppy sat back down, looking even more glum than before. He thought he had found someone, but he felt sadly mistaken.

A moment later, the boy came back with his mom and pointed to the german shepherd.

“I want that one! Mom! This one, this one!” The boy said.

“Are you sure? He’s scruffy and scrawny. And German Shepherds can be a mess!” She sounded a little disappointed.


“All right, then.”

Ryder leaned up against the glass once more and made a silly face when he grinned. “Hey, boy! I’m gonna get you a good home! You can have food twice a day! And I’ll brush you at least once a week! We can play tag outside, and I’ll take you to the park! Right here in Adventure Bay!”

The puppy understood what this meant and leapt up from his spot. He jumped and howled with excitement. When a hand reached in to pick him up, he stood still, wagging his tail and letting his tongue hang out of his mouth. As soon as he was put down, he raced into Ryder’s open arms and licked the boy’s face. He was going to get a new home!

“I think this puppy likes you, Ryder.” His dad said approvingly.

The store’s owner handed Ryder a small leash for the puppy. “This puppy’s been awful quiet the last couple weeks. I think he’s going to be very happy with you! Make sure you hold on tight to the leash when you take him on walks. German Shepherds can be very strong and energetic. But they’re also very loyal.”

“Ryder, we’re trusting you to take your puppy home safely, ok? We will stay here and buy some extra materials for your puppy. We have some food at home, but we need bowls and brushes. Things like that. Take your puppy home, and we’ll see you in a bit, ok?” Ryder’s mom said, very serious.

“Ok, mom! We’ll be fine!” Ryder put the leash on his puppy.

“One more thing, Ryder.” His dad stopped him.

“Umm, what is that?” Ryder said, uncertainly.

“What are you going to call your puppy?”

“Oh, umm….”He trailed off as he watched his puppy, who was sniffing at something on the floor, then began to spin in circles chasing his tail. “Silly puppy, chasing your tail!”

The puppy looked up at Ryder then resumed his chase.

“Wait a sec, that’s it! How about Chase?” Ryder said, suddenly.

“Chase. That sounds like a great name!” his dad said.

“Lovely!” His mother agreed. “We’ll see you later!”

“Ok! Bye!” Ryder and Chase ran out the doors.

“Chase, I’m glad I got you. You’re a special pup. We can do anything together, I can just feel it! We can save lives one day! We can even get cats out of trees!” Ryder said with a giggle. “I can see my house now! It’s just over there! Actually, it’s an apartment. Right next to town hall! We have a great view! And there’s lots of grass near by! There’s even a beach really close, too! You know my favorite thing to look at? That old look out! It looks like a light house! But it’s so tall! Right there on that big, flat hill! I wish I could go look at it someday. But it’s old and run down. Mom and Dad say it’s not safe, but they want to go see it too. Besides that look out, everything here is safe! But what if someday it wasn’t safe? What if there was an emergency? We don’t have any police or firefighters or anything like that near by. We’re really close to my apartment building now! All we have to do is walk in and get in the elevator!”

About five feet from the door, Ryder heard a loud *Boom!* near by.

“What was that?” Ryder turned around to see a building on fire and falling apart rapidly. “What’s happening?” Ryder had never seen an actual fire like this. He began to run in the direction of the fire until he realized it was the pet shop. “Oh no! Mom! Dad!” He hadn’t seen them come out of the building yet. What if they were in there? What would happen to them? He kept running in the fire’s direction, tears forming in his eyes and Chase just behind him.

“Get away from here, kid! You’re running towards a huge fire! You could be killed!” Someone grabbed his shirt and held him back.

“No! My Mom and Dad are in there!” Ryder began to cry.

“Well, I’m sorry to say, kid, that anyone caught in there would be dead.” The man replied.

Chase was still running towards the fire, but he stopped just outside the building. He was barking as loudly as he could and trying to get inside to everyone inside.

Ryder and Chase hated sitting and doing nothing, waiting for a far off fire department to show up, and listening to the howls and cries from inside. Yowling cats and howling pups were heard inside the building, dieing from inhaled smoke, or being burnt.

The fire department finally made an appearance and began to put the fire out. As soon as it was out, they went in to see if they could find any survivors. By then, Ryder was standing just outside the building, Chase next to him. They weren’t allowed to enter, but they could see everything because so much of the building had been burnt away.

Ryder looked at all the motionless cats and dogs, but failed to see any human beings. All he saw of his parents were his moms handbag and his dad’s hat, which had somehow survived the fire.

Ryder took a few steps closer to the building and bumped into a girl about his age.

“Sorry!” he said, looking at her. She was short and blond, and looked like she had been crying. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“My mom was in there! She’s not coming out! One of those men told me she was gone.” she sobbed.

“I’m sorry. I-I know how you feel. I’m Ryder.”

“How can you know how I feel, Ryder! It’s not like you lost your mom to a terrible fire a week after your birthday!”
“Actually, it’s just like that. My birthday was two days ago. Both my parents were in there.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’m Kaitlyn. But my parents call me Katie.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Katie.” Ryder looked down at Chase and picked the puppy up into his arms. Ryder looked kind of like Chase did earlier in his little shelter.

“You look sad. I wish you’d be happy.” Katie said to Ryder after a minute.

Ryder smiled, remembering that he said the same thing in the store.

Suddenly, Ryder saw something move out of the corner of his eye. “Is that-?”

There was a burnt kitten trying to stand up near the used-to-be doors of the store.

“Oh, the poor thing!” Katie exclaimed, bending down to examine the kitten.

Apparently, the kitten saw her and stood up to slowly walk over to Katie and lean against the girl.

“Oh!” Katie was a little surprised.

“I think this kitten likes you, Katie!”

“And this Katie likes the kitten!”

“What are you going to call her?” Ryder asked.

“Huh? I don’t know if I can take her home…”Katie said sadly.

“Well, this kitten needs help. Not many people would help it, and it seems to have taken a liking to you.”

“That’s a nice name.” Ryder commented.

“Thanks. Um, we don’t really have anything else to do. Do you want to go to my place? I’m in apartment 104 in that building.” She said, pointing.

“Really? I live in apartment 98 in the same building! We’re only 3 doors away from each other!”

“Neat!” Katie said, brightening up.

“I might have lost my mom and dad, but I also got three new friends!”


“I got Chase here today as a birthday present. He’s my new friend. So’s Callie and you!”

“I think we’re going to be good friends, Ryder.”

“Me too!” the seven year old boy agreed.

Chase barked in agreement.

“You know, I think that someday, I’m going to open a new pet shop!” Katie exclaimed.

“And I’m going to start a big group so that when emergencies like this happen, they can be stopped sooner! We can save lives!”

Chase barked happily in agreement. Callie purred and the two fell asleep in their new owners’ arms.

So, this is not the end! This is just the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think! Comments give me motivation, so I can update sooner! This was the story of Chase and Ryder. I guess it was kind of Callie and Katie, too, but yeah! Look forward to chapter 2! Find related toddlers toys online.


Paw Patrol 2 is more likely to come out in 2017 – we will keep you up to date for all new Paw Patrol news.

bain marie

Benefits of Bain Marie

History of bain marie

The development of Bain Marie must be one of the celebrated happenings in the history of the culinary equipment. Developed in France, Bain Marie were traditionally used in chemists to heat products gently and steadily. However, in modern times, Bain Marie’s have become an essential equipment in a commercial kitchen.


Offers the perfect solutions to keep sauces, vegetables, and soups always warm and fresh. The Bain Marie is designed to operate in gentle pressure thus able to keep such delicate foods in the right warm temperatures. It is unacceptable for any food business to serve these foods in their cold form. Acquiring Bain Marie is the best solution.

Foremost, it saves on the need to warm soup or sauce every time a customer so orders. Such a practice has several disadvantages that include waste of time and energy. More so, the repeated warming of the sauce may ultimately alter the sauce or the soup’s original taste. Whereas there is undeniably other equipment offering warming solutions, Bain Marie equipment offers something more different. The first factor must be the material used in the equipment construction. This includes having a stainless steel construction in its internal and external parts.

The material serves to achieve a uniform heating. Also, stainless steel becomes ideal material because of its non- corrosive nature. Sauces and chillies are undoubtedly a delicate dish that could corrode a material. Use of stainless steel also helps maintain hygiene due to the material’s ease of cleaning. The material is also shiny and attractive to the eye making it ideal for display in the kitchen. More so, most of the equipment feature a double skin stainless steel construction which goes into amplifying the equipment’s durability.



In addition, the brand offers great versatility. For instance, the sauce warmers allow for both wet and dry operation. Another versatility element is that Bain Marie’s may be used for other kitchen purposes other than warming sauce. For instance, the equipment is ideal for use in melting of chocolate or the thickening of condensed milk. When used in melting chocolate, Bain Marie does not cause splitting or caking in the pan as is common with other equipment used for this purpose.

Also, Bain Marie equipment allows users greater control regarding its use. With the circular dial, users can adjust and monitor the temperatures accordingly. Notably, pre- cooked foods such as chili and baked beans will require the use of higher temperatures as opposed to the sauces that require gentle heat. Also, the brand provides the equipment fit for a large restaurant, a middle side food joint and a small kitchen or a food van. For the very small kitchens, the one pan or two pan Bain Marie may be ideal unlike our ten pans sauce warmer. A model of the two pan Bain Marie is the On the other hand, the four pan Bain Marie will be ideal for a middle volume restaurant. For custom made bain marie, you might need to call an affordable plumber.

At Petra Equipment, we have ensured to stock the different models and brands in Bain Marie so to offer our customers a wider choice. The models include Roband BM2A Bain Marie (2 pans), APURO Bain Marie S047- A and roller grill BMESCO Bain Marie.


Fish tank with aquarium accessories

Aquarium accessories

One might think that using of aquarium accessories is a mere decoration choice. However, there are many benefits which you are not aware. The usage of these accessories completely changes the beauty of the fish tank and as well as serves as creating a good living environment for he fishes residing inside.

The Rock and the Wood

Rocks & wood are very useful in siting specific water factors that your fish wants. For example, many type of rocks like Limestone & Holey Rock will increase the pH of the tank & serves as fence in some periods. Whereas, the driftwood decreases the pH and try to soften the water. Some of fishes feed by themselves with algae from the rocks & wood in their natural living conditions, some fishes even eat the wood as well. Placing the rocks or woods in your aquarium will give your fishes additional visceral activities and makes them to be natural & healthy food habits.

Many aqua lovers tend to keep their fishes in a good environment which seems to give them a feel like their own habitat. It is still good to see the fishes inside your aquarium which just looks like their habitual environment. These accessories provide good environment to some bacteria to nitrify & build definitive colonies. These bacteria are good in nature that helps to get rid of harmful materials like nitrites & ammonia from the aquarium.

Some of the fishes, mainly the non-aggressive type of fishes always try to hide from the strong kind of fishes as they are scared of being bullied, hence rocks & woods is a great idea to place them inside. The Rocks & woods will make the fish feel safe if they are kept with these aquarium accessories, as they give a feel to them like they are living in natural caves under the sea. Furthermore, these decors also are useful as a breeding area or to lay eggs aquatic animals.

Artificial Planaria

The aquatic tank lasts long with very less maintenance with the use of these accessories. All the water conditions and mostly the cleaning thing will be easy. The bacteria which grow on the rocks and the woods will clean the defecated ammonia waste from the fishes. You can even place the artificial corals as they don’t die and the fishes doesn’t eat them as well. These artificial aquarium plants does not need any maintenance as they never grow old aor get infected by anything.


The water-scaping is pretty easy these days and the kids even at the age 8 and above can easily plan good scape architecture for your aquarium. There is one more advantage of using the artificial plants which many people do not have any idea about. The real plants die if the water condition is changed even a little, since these plants are made of fibre, they stay fit and good even in the salt water. Find out more about other aquarium articles on Industry News.

Decorating your fish tank serves more than the beauty. It increases the life of the fishes and they don’t feel like they were imprisoned. You just need to use minimum required accessories along with the oxygen supplying motor!